Light and medium metalwork for all industrial sectors.


Light and medium metalwork for all industrial sectors and for small, medium and large-scale production.

The company was founded on long experience in the precision machining sector. Its aim is to constantly develop professionally to keep up with the times, motivated by fulfilling individual requests for customised industrial components.
Over the years, CT-MEC has responded to change by constantly updating its technology and establishing a highly specialised technical-production team.


The design execution of any light-medium metalwork product is carried out according to the customer's design or through full product development. This process begins with a survey to then implement the structural and engineering calculations, ending with the production of the final product as designed.

Reliability and professionalism, expertise and transparency, passion and determination all combine with customer focus - our company’s success is built on these the primary elements. Made in Italy technology and experience are founded on the same values as our company culture, namely helpfulness and creativity, work ethic and the ability to understand the customer's needs.
Our mission is to execute, build and complete orders, improving production processes and our team’s output, to create an efficient, productive and competitive advantage for our customers. Our team’s expertise, experience and professionalism enable us to meet our customers’ needs. We offer innovative solutions alongside traditional techniques throughout, optimising the result in terms of time and resources. We execute and build to specific customer requirements - a passion that becomes satisfaction. We always demonstrate our commitment to our customers and strive to deliver their requirements. For CT-MEC, flexibility also means taking special care to plan our work, so we always deliver on time at the deadline set.